Map showing local governments and population
(GNB Green Paper Image)

The Higgs government has rolled out a “Green Paper” on local governance reform that starts what it terms the “engagement” phase of the process.

“Working together for Vibrant and Sustainable Communities” presents options on improving the local government system. The discussion paper notes more than 30% of the population does not have elected representation on a local government.

Local Government Minister Daniel Allain says “We begin today a conversation on how to modernize a decades-old system to better meet the needs of New Brunswickers. We have far too many entities, which creates duplication, and some areas of our province are having difficulty maintaining basic services, such as fire protection.”

Public engagement will be conducted virtually with a schedule of meetings to be released in the coming weeks. Feedback and analysis will be incorporated into a “White Paper” which will be released by the end of this year.

You can find the “Green Paper” discussion document here.