Buds on lilac bushes on Prince William Street (Deborah MacDonald)

The first day of March is less than a week away and the first day of Spring is just over three weeks away.

Nova Scotia Groundhog Shubenacadie Sam predicted an early Spring and nature appears to be onside.

While walking her dog yesterday – Deborah MacDonald spotted buds swelling on the lilac hedge along the front of Saint John High School on Prince William Street.

If you look closely – some of the buds appear ready to spring open revealing bright green leaves. March has been. known to be a month of weather turmoil as Winter tries to take one last blast usually with a significant snowfall or two and a round of chilly temperatures.

The buds are swelling on lilac bushes along Prince William Street (Deborah MacDonald)

A check of the long range forecast reveals sunshine and a high of 6 degrees on Sunday – the last day of February. And it appears March will come in “like a lamb” with a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 4 degrees. The first week and a half of March looks to be relatively calm with highs ranging between zero and 4 degrees.