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A reminder – the change to Daylight Saving Time took place last night. Don’t forget to move any clocks that don’t automatically change ahead one hour.

We will gain back our hour of sleep on the first Sunday in November.

And did you know the residents of Port Arthur – Ontario (now Thunder Bay) were the first in the world to start Daylight Saving Time when they turned their clocks ahead by one hour on July 01, 1908? Other cities and towns across the country started to follow in 1914. Germany and Austria were the first countries to introduce Daylight Saving Time on April 30 – 1916.

Today – Daylight Saving Time is used in over 70 countries affecting one billion people each year. The idea is to give people more daylight hours in the evening to get out and enjoy. Originally – one of the main driving forces was energy conservation. However – with today’s reliance on computers – televisions – and air conditioning – energy savings are no longer a factor.