(Gary MacDonald photo)

Almost a year after a large rally in Saint John in support of Black Lives Matter – the Higgs government has announced funding for a study on systemic Black racism in the province. The Department of Post Secondary Education is providing $85,000 to create a research team that will include a director – researcher – research associate from the Community College – the president of Black Lives Matter – and two professional consultants.

The objective of the project is to study key indicators of systemic Black racism and address barriers faced by the Black community in the province. Four key areas will form the basis of the study:

  1. What are the key indicators of systemic Black racism in New Brunswick?
  2. How do these indicators affect policies and practices within four specific sectors?
  3. What best or proven practices in alleviating systemic Black racism currently exist in New Brunswick communities?
  4. How can these best practices inform policies and procedures across communities and sectors in the province and beyond?

The President of Black Lives Matter New Brunswick – Matthew Martin – says “this past year – our current provincial government was the first in New Brunswick’s history to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism. We appreciate that they are now taking real – concrete steps towards addressing and dismantling systemic racism within the province.”

The final report with recommendations is expected to be completed this Fall.