Picaroons owner Sean Dunbar will appeal dog ban (Picaroon’s Image)

Picaroon’s owner Sean Dunbar says he “strongly disagrees with the decision” by Public Health to ban dogs from areas where food is being consumed. In an Instagram post – Dunbar says he believes it is an incorrect interpretation of Act – and – “heavy handed.” He has asked to be made aware of the appeal process.

Dunbar says says they have “a lot less behaviour problems with pets than we do with people.” He says the ban is the result of a complaint by an anonymous customer – and – “if I knew who it was, I would ban them, not the pets.”

Picaroons General Store on Canterbury Street has been a spot where dog owners could enjoy a beverage with their pets at their side. Word of the ruling on Friday sparked an outcry of opposition and disbelief on Facebook. An online petition calling for the Public Health order to be overturned was quickly posted. That petition has garnered close to 5000 signatures.