Voters lined up at a Polling Station yesterday (ENB Image)

Elections New Brunswick says just over 86,600 people voted across the province in yesterday’s civic elections. That is on top of the 70,700 who voted in the Advance Polls and in person at local Returning Offices. Elections NB says 9225 people requested to vote by mail.

The turnout yesterday is down compared to the 2016 elections when 127,014 people voted. However – the numbers at the Advance Polls – voting at the Returning Offices – and by mail were up over 2016 numbers. And yesterday’s turnout does not include numbers from the Edmundston region.

Although we voted yesterday – we won’t get the results until just after 8pm on May 25th. That is election day in the Edmundston region thanks to delays caused by the recent COVID Lockdown and Red Level restrictions. An act passed by the Legislature last year extending the civic four year terms due to the pandemic stipulated results would not be released until all voters in the province had the opportunity to cast ballots. Approximately 20,000 people in the Edmundston region are eligible to vote in the civic elections.