Saint John Common Council (file photo)

Common Council is about to begin the process of changing the way the Deputy Mayor is selected. Council will deal with a recommended new Procedural By-Law at its meeting Monday night.

Last month – councillors voted in favour of having those interested in serving as Deputy Mayor to put their name forward at the first meeting following the regular municipal election. At the second meeting – council members will elect the Deputy Mayor for the four year council term by a show of hands.

The new system allows Ward councillors an opportunity to offer for the position rather than the current system of having the councillor at large with the greatest number of votes taking over the position.

Other proposed changes include setting a five minute time limit for people wishing to speak at Public Hearings – the handling of motions to rescind – and – updating staff titles by replacing City Solicitor – Commissioner of Finance – and Common Clerk with General Counsel – Chief Financial Officer – and City Clerk.