American Iron & Metal facility on west side of port

Mayor Don Darling has a motion on tonight’s Council Agenda seeking support to push for a clamp down on the American Iron and Metal shredder operation on the west side of the port.

The mayor’s motion comes in the wake of another explosion that shook and rattled windows and buildings on both sides of the harbour last Wednesday evening.

Darling believes the company is not meeting all conditions of its Certificate of Approval to operate issued by the provincial Environment Department. He wants stricter enforcement of conditions and stiff penalties if the company doesn’t meet standards.

In an interview with – the mayor says explosions can’t be normalized. He says the operation is affecting the quality of life for residents – property values – and may impact the city’s ability to attract new residents. Darling also isn’t happy with the company’s lack of comment – something he says shows disrespect for residents of the city.

The company has been at the centre of controversy since the shredding facility began operations with residents upset about noise – dust – and potential environmental damage. Former Environment Minister Jeff Carr issued a series of stop work orders in late 2018 and early 2019 as explosions at the facility reached a peak.

Current Environment Minister Gary Crossman issued a statement following last week’s explosion saying it did not exceed the decibel level in the operating permit and there was no danger to public safety.

Mayor Don Darling discusses American Iron and Metal operation – and – his motion to Council