Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

Public Health reports 11 new cases of COVID in the province since yesterday – two of them here in the Saint John region. One is listed as an individual under 19 who is a contact of a previously confirmed case while the other is a person in their forties which is travel related. Public Health is also confirming our earlier report of a confirmed case in the Loch Lomond School.

The other 9 cases are in the Edmundston region. Two of the latest cases are contacts of a previously known case while the others are under investigation.

Public Health says two people have recovered since yesterday. The number of active cases is now 162 including 11 here in the Saint John region. Fifteen people are in hospital including seven in intensive care. The COVID related death toll remains at 30.

NB Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Jennifer Russell (File Image)

Chief Medical Officer of Health – Dr Jennifer Russell – says “We are continuing to see new cases daily as well as variants of concern, and an increase of more severe cases and hospitalizations, specifically in Zone 4. We are continuing to work closely with the regional health authorities to make whatever adjustments are required to ensure safe health care to New Brunswickers.”

Meantime Vitalite Health Network CEO – Dr France Desrosiers – says the evolution of the variant and its behaviours “are creating problems that exceed the pessimistic projections that had been made for that region. The Edmundston Regional Hospital will soon reach its maximum capacity in terms of patients requiring acute care. We will have depleted all available resources to provide safe health care during an emergency situation. The transfer of patients to other facilities is imminent.”

The Edmundston region remains in the RED Level while the rest of the province is in the less restrictive Yellow Level.