(Photo by CDC)

Public Health is reporting 8 new confirmed COVID cases in the province today – four of them in the Fredericton River Valley region where a case involving the India variant was confirmed earlier this week. Of the four new cases – two are contacts of previously confirmed cases – on is travel related – and the other is under investigation.

Meantime – residents – family members – and staff at Magee House in Fredericton are being retested for COVID today. Public Health declared an outbreak at the apartment residence of U-N-B earlier this week. Eight cases of COVID have been linked to the outbreak. Residents and staff at nearby Elizabeth Parr-Johnston residence were tested yesterday and are awaiting the results. All residents and staff are self isolating.

Public Health also says a small group of people from Fredericton High School may have been exposed to COVID from a source outside the school. The group has been contacted directly and those people are being tested and self isolating as a precaution.

The Moncton region is reporting two new cases with both contacts of previously confirmed cases. The other two cases are in the Edmundston region with one a contact of a previously confirmed case while the other is travel related.

Public Health says 23 people have been listed as recovered since yesterday with the number of active cases at 122. Four people are in hospital including two in intensive care. The COVID death toll remains at 36.