Fort La Tour site before fire ( Image)

An outpouring of disappointment has flooded various social media channels since word broke about the early morning fire at the Fort La Tour historical site. Fire crews were called around 2:30 yesterday morning and found one of the buildings in flames when they arrived. The building suffered extensive damage just a few weeks from the opening of the historical recreation.

Police are terming the fire “suspicious” and have launched an investigation. The site does have video surveillance and copies of the videos have been turned over to police.

Curious onlookers flocked to the scene along Harbour Passage yesterday – prompting Mayor Don Darling putting out a video on social media asking people to stay away because it was an active investigation scene. He said there were reports of people actually going into the damaged building – a move that was not only dangerous but also could contaminate the scene for investigators.

Meantime – the community based group behind the recreation of the site says the damage is covered by insurance. Already Saint Johners have been rallying behind the group – contractors have offered to assist with the rebuilding while individuals have offered cash donations to assist with the repairs.