Saint John Common Council (File photo)

Common Council will vote tonight on how the Deputy Mayor will be selected in the future. Currently – the councillor with the highest number of votes gets the position. That worked prior to 2007 when all councillors were elected at large. But – when the move was made to the Ward system – it meant only one of the two councillors at large would be able to garner the votes eliminating those who were elected in the wards.

A city staff report examined how the position is filled and the length of term in other municipalities. In Moncton – the Deputy Mayor is elected by council on an annual basis after the Mayor calls for nominations. In Fredericton – the Mayor nominates a councillor and council votes whether to accept the nomination. The position is a two year term.

Based on the review – staff prepared three options and is recommending the third option which will have councillors interested in serving as Deputy Mayor will declare their interest at the first meeting following the municipal election. During the second meeting – Councillors will nominate and elect a Deputy Mayor by a show of hands.

The full staff report can be found as part of the Council package here.