Edmundston Regional Hospital (File Image)

The pressure on the health care system in Edmundston continues as the area is in LOCKDOWN thanks to an ongoing outbreak of the U-K variant of COVID. The Edmundston Hospital began restricting admissions this past week.

The latest update from the Vitalite Health Network says the hospital currently has 13 patients with COVID. Seven of those patients are in intensive care with 5 on respirators. The ICU has a total of 9 beds. The other 6 patients are in the COVID unit. So far – 2 patients requiring intensive care on Tuesday and Wednesday when the unit was full were transferred to the intensive care unit at the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton.

Yesterday – Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Jennifer Russell said the fact the health care system in the Edmundston area was overwhelmed was one of the determining factors in putting Edmundston and the Upper Madawaska region back into LOCKDOWN in a bid to get control of the virus.