(Elections NB graphic)

Elections NB is suspending elections for municipal – district education councils – and regional health authority elections in the Edmundston and Upper Madawaska areas. Chief Electoral Officer Kim Poffenroth says the suspension will remain in place until the LOCKDOWN is lifted.

The move to suspend the election process is governed by the “Act Respecting Municipal General Elections In 2021.” Poffenroth says voters in the impacted areas will not be sent their voter information cards until the LOCKDOWN is lifted and polling locations have been rebooked.

The suspension in the LOCKDOWN region is also going to impact the rest of the province. Reporting of results for voting in the rest of the province on May 10th will be delayed until all voters have had the opportunity to cast ballots. Elections NB says it is necessary “because of the option for an elector from one part of the province to cast their ballot at another returning office if they are away from the place where they would normally vote.”