NB Premier Blaine Higgs

Premier Blaine Higgs is promising a clearer definition of what is deemed essential travel during the pandemic. Questions have been raised after Natural Resources Minister Mike Holland admitted he travelled to Nova Scotia over the holidays despite pleas by the Premier and Chief Medical Officer of Health – Dr Jennifer Russell – to avoid all non-essential travel.

Higgs says there has been discussion around the current definition of what is essential and non-essential and admits it is open to interpretation. He says work is under way to clear up any ambiguity and we should have a “clearer’ definition later this week. But he admits the request is basically unenforceable.

Meantime – when asked whether Holland will be disciplined for taking the trip – Higgs basically says case closed:

At one point in the past few days up to 8000-people were self-isolating in the province after taking trips over the holidays.

A number of federal and provincial politicians across the country have found themselves at the centre of controversy for Christmas/New Year vacation trips.