Fundy Quay redevelopment of former Coast Guard site on waterfront

The city has issued a call for engineering services in the first steps to begin redevelopment of the former Coast Guard site across from Market Square.

An original call was issued last July – but – some changes have been made to the scope and requirements. This request for proposals deals with the clean up of contaminants on the site including several underground storage tanks that will need to be removed as well as grading to prepare the site for development. Closing date for proposals is February 11th.

Design work is already underway on the repair and vertical extension of the seawall on the site. The city has entered into an agreement with Fundy Quay Developments – a subsidiary of Saint John based Elias Management Group for a mixed commercial and residential development on the site. The company is also partnering with Historica Properties in the redevelopment of the City Hall building.