Zones Map showing Edmundston in LOCKDOWN

The Edmundston region is now in the LOCKDOWN Level as Public Health tries to get the upper hand on a significant outbreak of COVID.

The LOCKDOWN was imposed last night and will last a minimum of 14-days. Schools and a number of businesses are closed – stores that are allowed to remain open can only sell “essential” items. Travel is restricted to medical appointments and picking up “essential” items such as groceries. Restaurants can only offer drive through or curb side pickup. For a full outline of LOCKDOWN restrictions – click here.

The Edmundston area reported 10 of the 17-new cases yesterday. The region is also dealing with 135 of the 328-active cases reported around the province yesterday.

Two-thirds of the province including the Saint John region remain in the RED Level while the northeastern part of the province is at the Orange Level.

Walmart Edmundston blocking off access to “non-essential” aisles in the store – courtesy of Dominique Ozelie