The city has issued a “Boil Order” for about 300-customers in the Rockwood Park area. An equipment failure resulted in a lack of water filling the holding tank in the area. Crews have repaired the problem and restored water service to the residents but the Health Department advised the water utility to issue the “Boil Order” to eliminate the potential for any contamination issues. The city will advise the affected residents as soon as the water supply is deemed safe.

Here is the list of streets covered by the “Boil Order:”


Anglin Crescent
Anglin Drive
Arrow Walk Road
Breen Lane
Burpee Avenue
Corkery Street
Cranston Avenue
Crows Nest Lane
Duncraggen Court
Gooderich Street
Hawthorne Avenue
Hawthorne Avenue Extension
Highwood Drive
Jack Street
Kiwanis Court
Kelly Lane
Kyle Lane
Lake Drive South
Matthew Lane
Mount Pleasant Avenue
Mount Pleasant Court
Parks Street
Rocky Terrace
Sandy Point Road
Thornbrough Street

Click here for instructions on what you should do during the “Boil Order.”