Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman

Environment Minister Gary Crossman says his department has reviewed all conditions of American Iron and Metal’s approval to operate and has identified the majority of recent explosions “were from the stockpile of material and problematic suppliers.”

In the statement emailed to newsysj.ca – the Minister says AIM has “conducted extensive verification and inspection of the material in the stockpile and will be increasing inspections of all materials received from suppliers.” Crossman also says the company has trained additional inspectors and will remove gas tanks and combustible materials from cars then crush as much of the materials as possible before shredding. The Minister says “with these measures in place, and because it is important that they can load material immediately as it arrives on site and not stockpile, we have given AIM permission to resume operations.”

The company was given the go ahead yesterday to resume shredding operations at its facility on the west side of the harbour after being shutdown by the Minister late last month following a series of explosions that shook windows and buildings on both sides of the harbour.