American Iron & Metal facility on Lower West Side port property (File Image)

The provincial Environment Department confirms an explosion in the shredder at the AIM facility on the Lower West Side this morning exceeded set noise levels. In an email to – Department spokesperson Vicky Lutes says the explosion registered 106 dBA – above the 104 dBA level requiring a shut down of operations. (Clarification – Department spokesperson Vicky Lutes says the actual level of the explosion was 106 dBA – not 110.8 dBA as was previously supplied)

Lutes says the company followed the required process notifying both the Environment Department and Saint John Fire Department. Fire department officers conducted a visual inspection of the shredder unit and have indicated they have no concerns.

Lutes says is reviewing the incident and “As part of this review, the department will be making sure that the appropriate inspection program for material on-site was undertaken prior to being shredded.” She says five “contained” explosions have been recorded at the site since the beginning of the year – the latest prior to this morning’s event was on February 20th.

Port Saint John spokesperson Paula Copeland confirms port officials received notification of the incident from the company.