Air Canada Express Q-400 aircraft (Air Canada Image)

Air Canada says customers who purchased a non-refundable ticket for travel after February 01 -2020 but did not travel can now obtain a refund. The revised policy applies to tickets and Air Canada Vacations packages purchased after February 01st last year and before April 13th this year for flights cancelled either by the airline or the customer for any reason.

The refund issue has been boiling since pandemic travel restrictions were imposed last year. The change in the refund policy was part of a federal financial package for the airline announced last night.

The revised refund policy also now covers customers who purchase non-refundable tickets whose future flights are cancelled or rescheduled by more than 3 hours with the option of a refund. Air Canada also says it will not recall commissions for refunded tickets that travel agencies process.

You have until June 12th to file your refund request online here.