American Iron & Metal operation on west side of the port (File Image)

Windows in some buildings on the lower south central peninsula were suddenly rattled along with the sound of a thud just before 3 this afternoon. Across the harbour – a tell-tale plume of blue-grey smoke drifted across the American Iron and Metal operation on the port’s west side.

It appears there was another sudden “contained burst” in the shredder operation. The “bursts” or explosions happen when materials containing combustible fumes find their into the shredder.

An explosion earlier this month exceeded set levels forcing a temporary shut down of the operation. In a Facebook post following that bang – the company stated “AIM reassures you that the equipment is designed to withstand these bursts of pressure and that these contained bursts are neither a threat to the safety of the public nor to structures.” That prompted a question in the comments section asking if its “contained” – why does my house shake?

We have contacted the provincial Environment Department for comment.