Saint John Common Council

Two contracts related to the preparation of the former Coast Guard site for the Fundy Quay development are up for approval at tomorrow night’s Council meeting.

The first contract for engineering services attracted six bidders. City staff reviewed the submissions and is recommending Council award the contract to Dillon Consulting worth $438,780 plus HST and including a $100,000 contingency allowance.

The second contract is for work on the sea wall repair and upgrade and associated storm sewer outfall project. This tender call also attracted bids from six companies. Staff’s recommendation is the bid by Alternative Concrete Technologies worth $7,920,895.50 plus HST. Staff also recommends a contingency allowance be carried for the project in the amount of $500,000 plus HST bringing the total contract to $8,420,895.50 plus HST.

Details on the staff report on the engineering services bid can be found here.

Details on the staff report on the seawall upgrade and storm sewer outfall project can be found here.