Saint John Mayor Don Darling raises the Pan-African flag in front of City Hall marking the beginning of Black History month

The arrival of February brings the kickoff of Black History month to honour the contributions and legacy of Black Canadians. The month began with Mayor Don Darling raising the Pan-African flag in front of City Hall this morning.

In a statement – provincial Heritage and Culture Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace says the month is a time to shine the spotlight on the “formative and under reported history of Black Canadians. It is a time for us to come together in recognition of the undue hardships and the extensive advancements made because of Black citizens.”

New Brunswick Human Rights Commission Chair – Claire Roussel-Sullivan – says we should take advantage of Black History month to “recognize and appreciate the contribution of Black people to the economic sector and our communities.” She also says it’s an opportunity to “act now to remove the barriers created by preconceived ideas and to eliminate racism – racial discrimination – xenophobia and intolerance from the workplace – services – and housing.”