Heather Way in East Saint John (Apple Maps Image)

A lively discussion on Twitter over the weekend has City Hall looking at the possibility of a so called “road diet” for Heather Way in East Saint John. The four lane road links Grandview Avenue and Hickey Road – and – is due for resurfacing this year.

The weekend discussion centred on reducing the number of traffic lanes and using some of the space for bicycles and other active transportation making the link more people friendly.

Mayor Don Darling raised the issue during discussion on the City’s street construction plans for this year. City staff committed to looking at organizing some form of public feedback before work begins on the project – in a similar fashion to what is being done for a make over of University Avenue. Some of the discussion on Twitter focused on reduced traffic volumes on the street leading to increased speeding. Proponents of the “road diet” say reducing the number of lanes will help to reduce speeding while promoting healthier lifestyles.