Screen capture of COVID vaccine clinic online booking page (Gary MacDonald Image)

If you were struggling with the decision to seek your first shot of the AstrZeneca COVID vaccine at a Horizon Health clinic scheduled for tomorrow – and – have finally decided to go for it – you are too late. If you log in into the provincial government link to book an appointment – you will receive the notification above.

Horizon Health spokesperson Kris McDavid tells the clinic’s 240 appointments were fully booked by 3 yesterday afternoon.

Public Health says it is expecting another 30,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine this week and more clinics will be made available to those 55 or older. The province is following the lead of the National Immunization committee and has paused giving the AstraZeneca vaccine to any one under 55 years of age as a precaution amid reports of issues with blood clots in a small number of people under 55 in some European countries.