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The growing number of red light runners in the Port City may soon find the habit to be expensive. The Higgs government has introduced legislation that will allow the use of red light cameras – photo radar – licence plate scanners – and school bus cameras.

Public Safety Minister Ted Flemming says “It is impossible for law enforcement personnel to be everywhere at once to witness acts that put other drivers, passengers and pedestrians, including children, in danger. This is where the use of technology can be helpful.”

Six provinces have legislation allowing the use of red light cameras and photo radar – but – New Brunswick is the first to include authorization for use of automated licence plate readers.

If a motorist is caught on camera breaking the law – a ticket and photo of the infraction will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. If convicted – the registered owner is responsible for paying the fine – but – would not lose points because they may not have been the driver committing the offence.