Donna Reardon
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Donna Reardon will be moving into the Mayor’s office at City Hall. The two term Councillor decided to run for the top job after incumbent Mayor Don Darling announced he would not re-offer.

Reardon polled 10,089 votes while challengers Mel Vincent came in second with 5895 votes – Darrell Bastarache was third with 467 votes and Howard Yeomans was last with 312 votes.

The new Council will be sporting some new faces. Ward 1 incumbent Councillor Blake Armstrong and Ward 4 incumbent Councillor Ray Strowbridge were both defeated. Brent Harris and incumbent Gary Sullivan won the 2 Councillor at Large seats. Ward 1 will be represented by incumbent Councillor Greg Norton and Joanna Killen. In Ward 2 incumbent Councillor John MacKenzie and Barry Ogden are the winners. Ward 3 – former MLA and Councillor Gerry Lowe and incumbent Councillor David Hickey beat 6 other challenges for the two seats. And in Ward 4 – newcomers Greg Stewart and Paula Radwan will the representatives at the council horseshoe.