Post Secondary Education – Training – Labour Minister Trevor Holder

A provincial government department is moving to long term performance based agreements for services it contracts. The Department of Post Secondary Education – Training – and Labour will provide base funding to an organization – but – it can receive more if performance targets are met or exceeded.

Minister Trevor Holder says “this new approach will allow our partners to budget and plan long-term – which should improve their ability to train – retain and build capacity in their staff. We expect this will greatly benefit our clients through improved stability and consistency.”

The Saint John Learning Exchange is the first organization to enter into the new contract arrangement with the Department. The group will provide employment assistance services to the greater Saint John region over the next five years.

The non-profit organization has 30 years of experience assisting individuals with significant barriers to education and employment. Executive Director Christina Fowler says a five year analysis showed services the organization provides generate a $7.50 return for every dollar invested in the group. Performance funding for the agreement will be based upon employment retention – wage levels – and the number of challenges faced by participants.