Edmundston region remains at RED Level while rest of province is at Orange Level

New figures released by Public Health show 152 verification checks have been performed since January 16th on people required to self isolate in the Saint John region. And 89% of those people checked were in compliance with isolation guidelines while 7 tickets were issued for failure to comply.

The figures also show 153 inspections of businesses and events have been carried in the region out since January 01st. Inspectors check COVID operational plans – physical distancing – and use of masks. Inspectors found 90% had operational plans in place while 98% of people observed since New Year’s day have been wearing a mask.

Provincially – just over one thousand inspections of businesses and events have been conducted with 92% having the required COVID operational plans in place. Compliance rate on mask use stands at 98% across the province. Just under 2000 verification checks for those self isolating have been carried out since the first of the year 9-tickets being issued for failure to meet regulations. The overall provincial compliance rate is 97%.

The province has issued 1082 compliance orders and handed out 723 tickets for failure to comply since the pandemic was declared last March.