Source – Government of Canada

The COVID phone app has been downloaded 5.8-million times as of December 30th of 2020. According to the Public Health Canada web site – just over 12-thousand people have entered a one time key given to them if they have been diagnosed with COVID to alert others of a possible exposure. reached out to the federal Public Health branch asking if they could provide the number of New Brunswickers who have downloaded the app and how many have received notifications through the app. In an email response – Chief of Media Relations Eric Morrissette – stated “due to the strong privacy and security built into the COVID Alert app, at this time we are unable to determine the number of exposure notifications sent or the number of downloads per province and territory.”

Morrissette suggested we contact provincial officials to attempt to find out the number of one time keys entered in New Brunswick. We have – and – are awaiting a response.

If you have received an alert through the COVID app on your phone – let us know bu using the “Contact Us” form.