Old rope headed for recycling (Port SJ Image)

Port Saint John is in the running for an international award and you can help secure the victory. The Port’s “Debris Free Fundy and Rope Recycling” program is one of three finalists in the International Association of Ports and Harbours Environmental Dimension. The other contenders are the Port of Marseille and the Port of Acu.

The recycling program is in partnership with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St Andrews. Eight rope collection bins have been placed around port property to collect unused marine rope that would normally end up in the Bay of Fundy or a landfill. Last year – nearly 3000 pounds of rope were recycled and so far this year over 3500 pounds of rope has been collected. Some of the rope has been repurposed into weaved rope mats by the Fundy North Fishermen’s Association and sold for charity.

Mat weaved from recycled marine rope (Port SJ Image)

In an email response to newsysj.ca – Port SJ Director of Communications Paula Copeland says four other entries were submitted that didn’t make the finalist lists but will remain in the data base of projects as examples of sustainable business practises of ports around the world.

The Association has opened voting to the public until May 28th – and – you can review the list of projects in all categories here. And you can cast your vote here. The winners will be announced next month during the virtual IAPH 2021 World Ports Conference on June 24th.