Source – Angus Reid Institute

As election speculation grows in Ottawa = results of a new online poll by the Angus Reid Institute may dampen the idea of a snap federal vote. The poll conducted last week shows 44-percent of those taking part in the survey think the Trudeau government has done a poor job in securing sufficient doses of COVID vaccine. That is up from just 23-percent in a similar poll conducted in early December. The number of people supporting the government’s efforts has dropped from 47-percent in December to 36-percent last week.

The drop in confidence comes as shipments of the Pfizer vaccine were temporarily suspended while the company upgraded its manufacturing facility in Belgium – the factory supplying vaccine to Canada. Federal Opposition parties have been critical of the Trudeau government’s efforts to secure sufficient supplies of all COVID vaccines while provincial governments have been demanding more doses and sooner.

The online poll sampled 1559 responses and is considered accurate within plus or minus 2.5-percent – 19 times out of 20. The complete poll can be found here.