Sign for 5 year old James (NB Make A Wish Image)

New Brunswick Make A Wish says there has been an overwhelming show of support for a parade this morning that grants the final wish of a 5 year old boy. James is suffering from liver failure and wanted a parade of police vehicles – fire trucks – construction vehicles – cars – and bikes.

Make A Wish says they stopped registering participants yesterday due to the response from the community. James is not awake for extended periods of time so there is a chance he will not be able to make it through the entire parade – and – because of this they don’t want to overwhelm him with too long a parade. So if you have not registered – please do not show up to try to take part in the parade.

The registered parade vehicles begin forming up at 9 along Sandy Point Road and University Avenue – and – the parade will make its way up and around the Region Hospital’s University Avenue entrance around 10. T