Screen Cap of Public Health Map showing Zone 4 (Edmundston Region) in RED Level (GNB)

Public Health reports two new cases of COVID have been confirmed in the Saint John region since yesterday. Both people are in their forties and their cases are under investigation.

Seven new cases have also been confirmed in the Edmundston region with all but two contacts of a previously confirmed case. The other two cases are under investigation. Meantime – Public Health has declared an outbreak at a special care home in Edmundston. The move was made after a case of COVID was recently confirmed in the home.

Public Health says three people have recovered since yesterday. The number of active cases in the province is now 153 including 9 here in the Saint John region. Edmundston remains the hot spot with 129 active cases. Fourteen people are in hospital including six in intensive care.

Thirty COVID related deaths have been recorded in the province since the beginning of the pandemic just over a year ago.