Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

If you were – despite public health pleas for non-essential travel – planning a sun destination escape for March break – it’s now officially off the table.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced new restrictions as the second wave of COVID rages across the country amid concerns of new variants of the virus.

Trudeau says as of tomorrow major Canadian airlines are suspending all flights to sun destinations until April 30th.

And there is more to discourage non-essential international travel. Canadians returning to Canada from international destinations will be required to be tested at the airport then must spend up to three days in an “approved” hotel waiting for the results at their expense. Following the test results they will have to quarantine at home for 14-days with increased follow-up and enforcement. Tighter procedures at the border with the U-S are also planned.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing new travel restrictions that will put an end to March break sun destination plans and make Canadians think twice about any other non-essential travel plans.