(Elections NB graphic)

It’s been two weeks since we cast ballots in the Civic Elections and tonight we finally get the results. Those results will be uploaded to Elections New Brunswick today with the results being released just after the close of polls in the Edmundston region at 8 this evening.

Voting in the Edmundston area was delayed until today after the region was placed into a COVID related Lockdown early last month. Changes to the Municipal Elections Act last year prevented results being released until all voters in the province have cast ballots.

Results for Councils – District Education Councils – and Regional Health Authority Boards will be released just after 8 this evening. Voting machines from across the province were sent to Fredericton after the May 10th elections. The process of downloading the results from each machine will begin at 9 this morning and you can watch process live here.

Here in Saint John 47 candidates were in the running for 10 Council seats while 4 offered for the position of Mayor. Incumbent Mayor Don Darling did not re-offer after serving one term. Long time municipal representative – Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary also decided not to re-offer as did Councillor and Finance Committee Chair David Merrithew.