NB Finance Minister Ernie Steeves

It’s that time of year – Finance Minister Ernie Steeves and his staff are looking for your input on the 2021-22 budget.

Steeves says “the public is invited to share their views on how we can build a lasting and sustainable recovery that will support a better future for all New Brunswickers.”

You have two options for providing your feedback – one is participating in an online survey and/or by sending comments and feedback to wwwfin@gnb.ca by February 11th. To help you with the process – the department has prepared a Pre-budget Consultation Document which can be found here.

Steeves says the 2021-22 budget will reflect the time in which we live and “the decisions we make as a government and as a province must take into consideration the impact of the pandemic, the need to support an economic recovery and fiscal responsibility.”