Steven Seagull standing firm against his “rival” during mating season (City of Saint John Image)

The arrival of Spring also means the awakening of the mating instinct for many species including seagulls. And apparently Saint John has earned a special place in the heart of one seagull who has returned to the area of the Peel Plaza parking garage.

Last year – Steven Seagull spent a lot of time looking at the ground level glass panels of the building and spotting “rivals.” He would peck at the glass with his beak to drive off those rivals – but – they proved to be formidable foes because they wouldn’t leave. Apparently poor Steven is so obsessed with mating he didn’t realize his reflection is his rival.

The Parking Commission has contacted the Natural Resources Department for advice on protecting Steven from hurting himself. The Commission has now installed white boards along the bottom windows of the garage to keep Steven from banging on his reflection. Steven can now spend that time in pursuit of mating happiness.

Meantime – the Commission says Steven has friendly at times and if you stop to say hello and grab a picture with the city’s newest celebrity – make sure to tag it #SaintJohnStevenSeagull.