Horizon Health President & CEO Karen McGrath (Horizon Health Image)

Horizon Health C-E-O Karen McGrath says her organization’s commitment to “targeted – proactive recruitment of Nurse Practitioners is unwavering.” McGrath is responding to reports critical of Horizon’s recruitment efforts of new Nurse Practitioner graduates.

In a statement – she says there are 17 vacant Nurse Practitioner within Horizon and recruitment is ongoing. McGrath says “These efforts have included establishing connections with the University of New Brunswick’s NP program, and their upcoming graduating class of seven candidates.”

McGrath also says any positions requiring 2 years experience may be awarded to candidates without any experience “as long as the appropriate leadership, support and mentorship are in place to ensure the new hire is set up for success.” And she says any conditional offers for new graduates will be finalized this month. In addition McGrath points out the U-N-B Nurse Practitioner class will be doing their practicum/preceptorship with Horizon in the coming months.