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New Brunswick’s first COVID vaccinations begin today at the hospital in Miramichi. The province received its first 1950 doses of the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week. Priority groups including residents of seniors care facilities and front line health care workers in the Miramichi – Bathurst – and Moncton areas will receive their first shots at clinics today and tomorrow. They will receive their second shots just after the New Year holiday.

Premier Blaine Higgs says another shipment is expected this coming week:

NB Premier Blaine Higgs outlines plans for the second shipment of Pfizer COVID vaccine

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require special handling and storage limiting wide spread clinics. Chief Medical Officer of Health – Dr Jennifer Russell – says the pace will pick up once other vaccines not requiring special refrigeration become available. Russell expects every New Brunswicker wanting a COVID vaccine shot to have had it by late June or July.