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A significant move in the battle against increasing numbers of COVID cases in the Edmundston region. The region will move to a full LOCKDOWN at midnight tomorrow and will remain in LOCKDOWN for at least 14-days. There are currently 129-active cases in the region and Chief Medical Officer of Health – Dr Jennifer Russell – says projections show the number could grow to as many as 400 by the end of the month. She says there has been growth in cases in workplaces and long term care facilities in the area.

Meantime – 30-new cases have been confirmed around the province including just one new case here in the Saint John region. Health Minister Dorothy Shephard says our region and the Fredericton River Valley regions are stablizing and moving in the right direction. She is hinting these two zone could be moved back to Orange as early as next week.

There are now 331-active cases in the province including 48 here in the Saint John region. Five people are in hospital with three in intensive care. The virus has claimed 13-New Brunswickers so far.