Edmundston Regional Hospital (File Image)

The Vitalite Health Network says the pressure continues as the Edmundston Hospital deals with COVID patients. Vitalite reports 12 patients in hospital after being diagnosed with COVID – 7 of them in intensive care and all are on respirators. The intensive care unit has a total of 9 beds.

The other 5 patients are in the hospital’s COVID-19 unit. Vitalite began restricting admissions earlier this week. So far – the hospital has been forced to transfer two COVID patients requiring intensive care to the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton.

The Edmundston region has been the centre of a significant COVID outbreak – a majority of the cases diagnosed as the U-K variant which is highly contagious. The region has been at the RED Level since March 25th with heightened restrictions in a bid to control the outbreak. Two people in the region have died this week as a result of COVID.