Dr John Tobin – Head of Family Medicine at Edmundston Hospital (GNB Image)

There are signs of improvement in the COVID outbreak in the Edmundston region. Head of Family Medicine at Edmundston Hospital – Dr John Tobin – says as of Friday – there were 4 patients in intensive care with 3 on respirators. There were 7 patients in the COVID unit at the hospital including two patients that had been sent to the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton earlier this month due to a lack of beds.

Tobin says as of Friday – 41% of the population over 16 in the region had received at least one dose of COVID vaccine and with clinics this weekend – he expected that number to reach 45%.

As of yesterday – Public Health was reporting 83 actives cases in the Edmundston region – down significantly from earlier this month. Most of the confirmed cases since the current outbreak was declared have been driven by the highly contagious U-K variant. The city of Edmundston and Upper Madawaska region have been in LOCKDOWN since April 10th. Early last week – Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Jennifer Russell – and – Health Minister Dorothy Shephard suggested the situation would be reviewed this coming week and if the situation continued to improve – there could be an easing of restrictions in the region.