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Elections NB says it is finalizing steps to handle the release of province wide election results May 25th. The results of today’s civic votes are being held until the close of polls in the Edmundston region on the 25th. The civic elections in that region were delayed by the recent COVID Lockdown.

Elections NB says all tabulation machines and ballots cast in today’s voting will be sealed and shipped to a secure location in Fredericton this week. They will be kept under lock and key in a facility equipped with an alarm system and video surveillance.

Beginning at 9am on Tuesday – May 25th election officers will close the polls on each machine. A Results Report will be printed and the data retrieved from the sealed memory cards. This is the same process that would have normally. been followed today if the results were being released following the close of polling this evening.

New Brunswick Integrity Commissioner Charles Murray will join the Chief Electoral Officer Kim Poffenroth on site to observe the process from start to finish. Poffenroth says the entire process will be Live Streamed so candidates – their scrutineers – and the public can watch as the results are extracted from the tabulation machines and uploaded for release later that evening.

When the polls close at 8pm on May 25th in the Edmundston region – the results from the rest of the province will be posted immediately to the Elections New Brunswick web site.