Damage to new surface at Rainbow Park (City of Saint John Image)

Damage to the surface of the new Jumpstart playground at Rainbow Park in the South End appears to be the result of vandalism. City spokesperson Lisa Caissie tells newsysj.ca based on the assessment of the damages – and – review with the supplier of the surface material they are confident the damage was the result of vandalism.

Caissie says a report is being filed with Saint John Police. She confirms surveillance cameras are installed in the park and additional signage will be installed.

More damage to surface of the Jumpstart playground at Rainbow Park
(City of Saint John Image)

And Caissie says “most importantly this is a new highly valued and well-visited park for the community. It was made possible thanks to generous financial sponsorship fro Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and City taxpayer investment. We encourage all park users to protect and respect the space as a community asset so that it can be safely enjoyed by everyone.”

Caissie says the repairs are expected to cost about $1600 and will be carried out as soon as materials arrive and the temperatures are warm enough during the day and overnight.