Saint John Common Council (File Image)

Proposed changes to Common Council’s Procedural By-Law are not sitting well with some councillors. Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary remains against changing the way the Deputy Mayor is selected. Council has already approved having councillors elect the Deputy Mayor rather than the Councillor at Large with the highest number of votes becoming Deputy Mayor. Councillor Gary Sullivan also remains opposed to the change.

And some councillors and the Mayor opposed the idea of limiting speakers at public hearings to just five minutes. It was decided to break out a separate motion to increase the time limit from 5 minutes to “up to 10 minutes.” Council approved that motion then went back to the overall reworking of the procedural by-law. Other changes in the by-law include updated staff titles by replacing City Solicitor – Commissioner of Finance – and Common Clerk with General Counsel – Chief Financial Officer – and City Clerk.

Councillors voted to approve first and second readings of the revised by-law with Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary – and – Councillors Gary Sullivan and John MacKenzie voting against. Third and final reading is expected to be approved at the next council meeting.