The City won’t be promoting the revolving “Open Streets” program this year. A staff report to the City’s Growth Committee says it’s not feasible with the current pandemic provincial mandatory order and public health restrictions.

The “Open Streets” program was launched last summer to help attract more foot traffic to uptown businesses suffering the impact of the pandemic lock down last Spring. It saw various uptown streets closed to traffic on weekends on a rotational basis with games – kiosks – and entertainment set up on sidewalks and on the streets.

The report states staff feedback indicated a lot of resources were tied up in an event that by its design couldn’t attract a lot of people. The feedback also suggests any future City initiated “Open Streets” program should be post pandemic when large scale public attendance would merit staff resources involved with the larger crowds generating more positive economic impact on local businesses.

The City will consider requests from people or organizations wanting to host their own open streets events this year. They will have to meet all public health requirements and obtain support from businesses and residents in the immediate area.