Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

After temperatures hovering around 3 degrees on the plus side and 28 mm’s of rain yesterday – we are being subjected to a wild temperature swing. As yesterday’s storm moves out of the region it is leaving behind strong winds and a blast of Arctic air.

The temperature has dropped to the minus 14 range and combined with winds gusting to 50 km/h – it is feeling like minus 25. It is not going to get any better this afternoon – windchill temperatures will be in the minus 20 range. Those frigid temperatures are also producing a risk of frostbite. Tonight into tomorrow morning will see gusty winds making the feels like temperature in the minus 21 range.

If you must go out today – bundle up and limit your outside time to avoid any chance of frostbite. Make sure to keep your fur babies inside and keep any bathroom break walks short.

Streets and roads are in good shape – but – there may be some areas with icy patches in the wake of yesterday’s rainfall so caution is advised.