NB Health Minister Dorothy Shephard

The provincial government is stepping up the pace of its vaccination rollout plan. The supply forecast has increased significantly and combined with a longer window between doses – Health Minister Dorothy Shephard says vaccine supplies will be used to provide first doses to all New Brunswickers by Canada Day. Meantime – second dose clinics should begin in June.

It begins next Wednesday with people over the age of 85 beginning to receive vaccinations through appointments at one of 218 pharmacies involved in the vaccination program. In the April – May time frame – people over the age of 60 will begin receiving as well as people between 40 and 59 with medical complications. Shephard says during this time period employers with 200 or more employees will begin offering vaccination clinics to healthy employees.

And the Minister says by the end of March truck drivers – regular cross border commuters – and rotational workers will be eligible to be vaccinated through appointments with pharmacies.

Both Horizon and Vitalite Health Networks will set up clinics beginning next week to administer the first dose of vaccine to additional groups including first responders and healthcare workers who have not yet been vaccinated.

More information on the Vaccine Timetable can be found here.